9. Map

The map page allows to edit delivery points.

This page can be reached from the main page (Section 7, “Main Page”) and the zoom page (Section 8, “Zoom Page”) as well as some of the reports.

Legend The legend allows to hide some layers from being displayed on the map. Removing the checkmark next to the layer will remove the layer from the map the next time the map is redrawn.

Quick View A dropdown list that allows to quickly display a certain area or the full extent.

Keymap You can use the keymap to pan the map.

Map Size Use this dropdown list to select the size of the map.

The following map tools are available:

Zoom In Use this tool to zoom in the map

Zoom Out Use this tool to zoom out the map

Pan Use this tool to pan the map

Identify use this tool to see information about features on the map. Your administrator might use plug-ins to deliver custom information (e.g. images) for the identified features.